Friday, September 10, 2010

Problem with Cling Mount stamps....?

Anyone else having this problem?
Cling mount SU stamps not sticking to the box.

I was at a SBS a couple weeks ago and
someone had came up with a
great solution for this problem.

Problem ^ ****************** Solution ^
This is the solution! Peal and Stick the negative piece of rubber
into the case, punch out and add the stickers just as directed
then simply push them back into the cutout.
It works like a charm!
Just wish I would have found this solution sooner!

Whoever came up with this idea...God Bless You!
You have made my world a little better!
I'm sure you will keep me from loosing stamps
and for that I'm thankful.


Annie said...

that is a great idea! :)

Penny said...

That is an awesome idea. I wish I saw it a little bit sooner, but there is still so many stampsets to buy and use it for :)