Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bulk Buy!

Light Green

Dark Green



Hello Ladies!
Look what I just got in!
I found a great deal on a bulk buy and I'm
going to share my great deal with you.
These are just like the older Dew Drops they are very
good quality. These are NOT Dew Drops they are
however very close to there older style.
They have flat bottoms and no tails.
The clear ones are larger just like the newer dew drops.
Ok here's the deal!
You get 2 bags of each color
10 bags for $10
That's just $1 a bag!
Local ladies you know where I live.
Everyone else Email me at
Again these are not the Name Brand Dew Drops.
These are very good quality I just love them!
Perfect fall colors!
Please add $1.50 for S&H in the US.

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