Sunday, June 14, 2009

Copic Storage

Travel/dust cover lid just slides down into place.
Also has a handle on top for easy travel. Or for RIBBON!

Don't they look lonely they need more friends.

New Copic Storage!
Whooo Hooo! I do love having a Handy Hubby.
I think I would have liked this better not painted but it had ugly black print on the wood. I told hubby to use that part first in case of boo boos but it went together great so I just painted it.
I just love it but it looks so empty I guess I need to start saving
so I can order more copics.
Some of you wanted to know if and how much you could buy these for Hubby did the math and cost of materials and a little labor came out to $35 each. So if you still want one and your local let me know and I'll get him on it. He has the supplies on hand for 3 more boxes so they can be done next weekend more than likely.


Mary G. said...

Wow, he did a great job on this! I like it painted.

TannyP said...

This is fantastic!!
I need something like that. Then I can start my copic collection =)