Wednesday, June 3, 2009

1st BLOG CANDY! Free Ribbon!


Guess the number of yards on these 3 spools and you will
win a Med size flat rate mailer full of RIBBON!
Post your guess here until July 4th 2009!
If there is no correct guess I will use a random number generator to select a winner
that lucky person will win a small flat rate mailer full of ribbon!
Best of Luck!


Sorry forgot to do this on the 4th! Whoops!

The total yards is 2859 yards!

I used to get my winner and the winner is.......

Kathi127 Kathi your package will go postal on Saturday!


Anonymous said...

2348 yards???? Am I right? Gimme the ribbon! Hahahaha.

Mary G. said...

Uh, 378 yards sounds like a good number to me! :)

HeyHeyPaula said...

Hi Amanda - How about 486 yards!

Anonymous said...

Let's see, my guess is....1583 yards!

Stamp Maryland said...

You know I don't want any ribbon right?....4167 yards!


Cheryl Walker said...

Id say it spool has about 25 yards on it. So my total would be 75 yards.

I know I buy alot of ribbon, and have not seen it with more yards than that. So hmmmmm I dont know, I guess it would depend on where you live and how they sell there spools :)

Thank you for the chance. This should be fun!!!lol
Also love all the ribbon!!!!


Gina said...

210? That's some great ribbon!

MiamiKel said...

What fantastic blog candy - you are so fun! (your scraproom is da bomb, too - what a fun play room!)
Hmmm, my guess is going to be 200 yards :)