Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ribbon Storage

Hello Everyone!
I wanted to share with you my latest ribbon storage. I found this rack at a local store that was going out of business and I
payed $20 for it I think it was a GREAT deal.
Some of my local friends and I took a road trip to the
Ribbon Outlet in here in MD it was so much I can't even
tell you how crazy fun it was.
If you know me you know that I can't stand my stuff not
having a "home" so I spent most of the day sorting and stuffing my ribbon tower. My HUGE rolls will not fit on here but this is most of my ribbon I did find two more shoe boxes full of new spools so I need to work those in this week.
****Sorry for whatever reason the pics are out of order and I don't feel like reloading them****


Mary said...

Wow, LOVE the rack!! What a great deal you got on that! Love the card rack, too!!! Well, from the looks of it, you won't be needing anymore ribbon in this lifetime!!
Glad you girls had a great time!!

Stamp Maryland said...

Your rack looke great! Very jealous.


KateB said...

You are so lucky! I have been to the ribbon place too and I think I spent $ 20-it was amazing! I linked here from another blog and was wondering if you & your crew would want to join me & my friends for a charity crop-see my blog and let me know! It'd be great to meet new stampers and scrappers!