Monday, October 13, 2008

Shopping Day!

Today I went shopping with a friend. We had lots of fun and hit some good sales.
We delivered 3 Boo Buckets! One to a LSS they were so thankful!
They just gushed about it.
Another Boo Bucket to a new Ft Meade stamper that we will be
stamping with on Friday. We can't wait to have fun with a newbie.
The last was to my Fav biker babe!
It was a fun day!
I found this cute snowman.
I just love them. I can't wait to ink him up.
Lets see we went to JoAnn in Laurel. I found DCWV paper stacks on sale
I found two that I had to have. Some Dollar spot stuff for the boys.
Tuesday Morning's we found the best deal of the day! They had great
lunch box tins complete with everything needed to alter them for $3.99!
They also had Tag book kits for $3.99.
Great deals, a good friend, good food what more could a girl ask for?
Oh I know! To go into a store and not find out you have a stalker!
Yes my friend and I still have a little
stalker problem. She is still running around and bashing us to people who
don't know us or her for that matter. It's really sad. Keep her in your prayers.
I really feel we are dealing with a sick person.
Narcissism describes the trait of excessive self-love, based on self-image or ego.


Frankie said...

Oh Amanda, it sounds like you had a fantastic day. It's so nice to have some many local friends to play with. I hope your stalker problem goes away...maybe it will disappear in the New Year.

Anonymous said...

Ba ha ha! I like your friend Frankie!!

Sounds like you guys had fun, I think I'm going to have to come up there to shop! You find some neat stuff!

I hope your stalker problem goes away too.

Great blog Amanda!

Biker Babe said...

I had a nice surprise today Amanda! I found a BOO Bucket on my doorstep! I wonder where mine came from? I think two special BOO Bucket Elves must have been in my neighborhood! What a very cool idea! I already know who I'm going to pass it on to! What Fun!

Sorry to hear your stalker problem is still active, hopefully it will go away soon!

Anonymous said...

Stalkers are bad.. but remember> Karma will make it all come out even in the end. Those of us who do know you( and don't mind admitting it) know the truth. Dawnmarie/Mrsjvb

Anonymous said...

Okay, I love the snowman, glad you had fun, jealous that I can't be there........want to make cards! :(

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, and why are you waiting until March for the next one????

Scrubbysue said...

this is really cute and will make some nice cards!

Tracy said...

Dawnmarie, well said!