Sunday, October 12, 2008

Boo Bucket

My family and I received a Boo Bucket from the Tripp Family about a week and a half ago. The point of the Boo Bucket is once you receive one you take the goodies out and refill and pass it along. This is what I reloaded my Boo Bucket with and it's now on the run again!

Sucker slider Open.

Sucker Slider closed.

Martha Test Tubes. Love these so cute and very Halloween!

Boo Bucket stuffed and ready to run!

My Boo Bucket is on the run!


Cris A said...

What a cute tradition! Love the goodies! Is there a
poem or something that you send along with the bucket, so people who receive it know what to do. I'd love to try this!

Frankie said...

This is way cool. I got one the other day! Thanks a million.

Anonymous said...

Amanda, this is so cute! Where do you come up with all of those ideas?! I love the spiders.

Oh, and I'm so happy to know a professional stamper!! Can I borrow your patterns?!

Amber said...

Very cool boo bucket.

Amanda Sewell said...

Love this idea! We have been doing a phantom in our neighborhood -- tons of fun!!!

Carmen said...

How fun!! Love the treats you made!