Friday, May 11, 2012

Wrapping Paper Cards

 I'm sure someone, somewhere has already
had this idea...but I just thought of it a few
months ago..and wanted to share.

With my kids ever changing interests as
well as their friends interests I never have
the "perfect stamp" anymore.  
So then I had that lightbulb moment
Oprah would call it my Ahh-Haa moment.
Why not just use the wrapping paper I already 
have..then the card coordinates perfectly and
I don't have to find/buy the perfect stamp..that I may or
may not ever use again.

Hope this helps another Mommy.

Happy Mother's Day!



harrahx2 said...

Perfect for kids cards and they don't have to save them! great idea and less waste.

Mary G. said...

Great idea!!! Much cheaper than those character stamps, too!!

Cheryl said...

Amanda, What a great idea. You are so right about changing inerests. Ahh-Haa moment! Thanks!

Cheryl said...

Amanda, What a great idea! Very cute and clever.