Thursday, August 4, 2011

Amazing Friends

This one sings! Eeek!
Thank you Cindy.
Thank you Jane!
Thank you Jen!
Thank you to my SS whoever you are!!!
I don't normally post "store" cards but this one made me giggle...Because it's from my MIL.
She watched the movies after her last visit.

Thank you Rose!
Thank you Kathi!
Thank you Mary!

Thank you DM!

Thank you Pete!

Thank you Gloria!

Thank you Kathy!

Thank you Angie!

Looks like they aren't going to let me forget my B-Day!

I have some amazing-caring-talanted friends!
Look at these cards!!!! Talented they are.

Just so everyone knows I will be celebrating my 25th Birthday again...(several times now)
I'm just not old enough to go higher than 25...well other than my knees they are
about 70'ish, my back is in it's 50's, and somedays my memory is about 109, and I'm definitely
not mature enough to deal with the amount of grey hair I've been finding...

Other than that...I'm still 25!

Thank you all so much for all the B-Day love. You truly are great friends.



Mary G. said...

Great bunch of cards from a great bunch of ladies! I love that your MIL sent the Twilight card!! It's great that she supports your "addiction"! :)

~Chris~ said...

Happy Birthday.. What amazing Friends you have.. and have to admit I LOVE your MIL's Card... Go Jacob (though), lol!

The Mama Monkey said...

I think encore birthdays are the BEST! Hope you had a great one!