Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I've been MIA....

I'm still alive and well just really busy here in Maryland.
For three reasons only one of which was planned...
Gotta love when life throws you curve balls.
Reason #1

The nasty weather here in MD resulted in another family member for our family.
Meet Marley.
Reason #2: The only planned problem! lol
I've been kicking around the idea for years but finally took the plunge. I'm so glad I did!
All of my SU sets (144) now fits into these 26 boxes.

All of these shelves were full of SU before. Look at the space I now have!

This is the empty 144 SU boxes.

This is what 95lbs of wood blocks looks like.

Reason 3:
I now hate snow.....

This is the Hubbs he is 6' 3". Way to much snow.

A very unhappy Nate....The snow is just to deep.

Hope you all have a good week and weekend.


harrahx2 said...

Nice work kiddo! Love the name you gave the cat....Hugs to you.

Stacy said...

Love what you did with your stamps!!! Marley is looking good!!!

Kathi said...

Awesome job on unmounting those stamps, very impressive! I just love Marley, she is such a cutie! Glad you decided to keep her!

Micki Switzer said... have been really busy...I bet you feel GREAT!!!! Don't you love it when a plan comes together...Congratulations on you new "space" come South and help with mine, please!!!

Micki Switzer said...

Oh..I forgot to say how CUUUUUUUUTE Marley is. Can't believe I forgot to comment on the kitty!!

Kellie said...

Loving the name Marley and Wow, that is a lot of stamps and snow for that matter. Congrats on the organization.

Annie said...

awwwww, such a little sweetie Marley - cute name too :)

Holly cow, that's a lot of snow. Ok, I'm like 4'10", so it woud be above my head :) WOW

Anne said...

Goodness you've been busy and yes that's way too much snow! Hugs to Marley

Carla aka scrappypug said...

adorable kitty and way to go on your unmounting project!