Sunday, December 6, 2009


This is our big tree. I didn't feel like moving the living room around so it's in the dinning room.

This is the boy's tree. All of the handmade/kid type stuff goes on this tree.

Yep that's a pile of gifts yet to make it to the Post Office. Can't find the right size box!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
I almost have everything done. Almost.....I still can't find everything beginning to think yet another box went missing in the move. I still have some finishing touches to do and well the tree has been up for over a week and already needs to be redecorated between Nate and Keke it looks bad already. I'm going to do some holiday baking today. Not sure how much of the 25lbs lost will stay gone after today......
Hope all of you are having fun with this very Merry Holiday Season. Also hope all of you remember the real meaning of the season it's not the tree, lights, gifts that are important it's the cookies that count like two points each!


Loretta Rodger said...

Wow, all of your trees and decorations are just beautiful!

Kathi said...

Everything is gorgeous! Now how about coming to my house and decorating for me?